Mobile Phone Wars

On November 6th I got a call on my mobile from 01132031377. The caller knew that my one year T-Mobile contract was up and wanted to know if I was interested in a free upgrade. He said he was calling as a representative of freeupgrades. I said that if I wanted a new phone I would contact T-Mobile directly, at which point he claimed that they were working for T-Mobile, doing all their upgrades for them. I told him I had no intention of doing business with a cold-caller and that I would be contacting T-Mobile to clarify their relationship to them.

When I phoned T-Mobile they told me they had nothing to do with freeupgrades and that if I had gone along with the call I would have ended up with a contract on the 3 network. I didn’t want to switch network so I got on a new contract at T-Mobile. I forgot to ask how freeupgrades knew about my T-Mobile contract but clearly there is something dodgy going on.


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