Euro Profiler

The EU Profiler claims to allow you to “Discover your position in the political landscape for the 2009 European Parliament Elections”. I just tried it and am not sure how useful it is. Based on your answers to a number of questions (many of which present what I consider to be false dichotomies) it positions you on a plane with the horizontal axis being socioeconomic left vs right and the vertical axis being pro vs anti EU integration.

It put me as moderately left (about the same as the Liberal Democrats) and very marginally pro EU integration. My closest matches seemed to be the Green Party and the Conservatives – I was somewhat more pro EU than both, and about half way between them on the left-right scale. In fact I will be voting Green and if I had a second choice it would be the Lib Dems.

Interestingly Labour is shown as being slightly more right wing than the Conservatives – what distinguishes them is that Labour is very pro EU whereas the Conservatives are slightly anti EU. The two really strongly anti EU parties are the BNP and UKIP, but whereas the BNP are shown as being neutral on the left-right axis, UKIP are significantly further to the right than any of the other parties represented.

So what are we to make of this? The profiler seems to suggest that someone who is strongly anti EU but not right wing should vote for the BNP, which clearly does not present the full picture! I hope people realise this and don’t give their vote to a bunch of fascists.

I will be voting Green not because of where they lie on either of the axes, but because of their position on environmental issues and personal liberty (they are the only party that has come out in favour of ending marijuana prohibition).


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