Election Followup

After voting in the elections on June 4th I headed straight off to Amsterdam so I have only just got round to blogging about the results. In the East of England region we ended up with exactly the same distribution of MEPs we had before – 3 Conservative, 2 UKIP, 1 Labour and 1 Lib Dem. Looking at the number of votes for each party, Labour was the big loser, dropping from 16.3% to 10.5%. However, none of the other main parties benefitted significantly from Labour’s loss – Conservatives gained 0.4%, Lib Dems lost 0.2% and UKIP were unchanged. The BNP managed to increase its share of the vote from 4.4% to 6.1% but the Green Party made the biggest gain, up from 5.6% to 8.8%, narrowly missing out on a seat.

Stuart Pile retained his County Council seat for the Conservatives in Hatfield South with 1,577 votes. Colin Jeffrey managed to pick up 233 votes for the Green Party but ended up in last place, 50 votes behind the BNP candidate who doesn’t even live in Hatfield. The Conservatives now dominate Hertfordshire County Council with 55 of 77 seats and the Lib Dems have 17 of the remaining 22, with Labour reduced to a paltry 3 seats. Deirdre Anne Gates won South Oxhey for the BNP with 29.2% of the vote and Ian Brandon won Callowland Leggats for the Green party with 36.0% of the vote. Here is the County Summary from HertsDirect.

The Pirate Party received 7.13% of the total Swedish votes, which will result in one seat in the European parliament, two if the Lisbon Treaty goes into effect. For more general election coverage check out this BBC special report.


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