QuickTime Player and Ogg Video

I am running a fully updated install of Snow Leopard on a late 2009 21.5 inch iMac and have noticed a strange problem with QuickTime player (10.0) and some Ogg Video files. I have two Ogg Video files I downloaded from the Internet – call them good.ogv and bad.ogv for the sake of argument. Both these files play fine inside their icon and in Quick Look. If I double click on good.ogv then it opens and plays fine in QT but if I double click on bad.ogv then QT opens with a small window that says “Loading Movie…” and it hangs there for ever. What’s more, having tried to open bad.ogv, if I then double click on good.ogv it doesn’t work either – it hangs with the same message. The player has not completely hung because if I double click on an mp4 file it plays OK, it just won’t play any ogv files until I quit it and restart.

Has anyone else noticed this? If you want to try it yourself with the files I used then good.ogv is here and bad.ogv is the Ogg Video download from here.

Update: I forgot to mention that both files play fine in the old QuickTime Player 7, which can be installed from the Snow Leopard DVD.

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