Stats no longer using Adobe Flash

First a little bit of background. I am a Mac user and I do all my browsing in Safari. Over a year ago I installed ClickToFlash which “Blocks evil Adobe Flash”. I can view Flash content with a single click if I want, but otherwise it doesn’t get to hog my CPU or distract my eyeballs.

So until recently when I went to my Dashboard on this blog there was no graph visible in the Stats section – just a grey box with the word “Flash” in the middle. Clicking on the box loaded the graph. Well today when I went to my Dashboard the graph appeared right away, so it seems like it must no longer be implemented using Flash. I am a bit out of touch with web design so I don’t know what it is using instead. Looking at the page source I see “id=stats-graph” where the graph is displayed, and the only other place “stats-graph” is used is inside a jQuery structure.

Has anyone else noticed this change? Is it documented somewhere?

Update 2010-10-03: WordPress announced the ditching of Flash a couple of weeks after the fact (and six days after I blogged about it) – see Sexy Stats.


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