Labour Admits Iraq Folly

On February 15th 2003 I marched to Hyde Park in London with over a million people in an unsuccessful last big push to prevent Tony Blair taking the UK to war in Iraq. The US-led invasion began on March 20th and from that point I knew I would never consider voting for any candidate representing the Labour Party until the party admitted that the decision to commit UK forces was wrong. This year on May 6th Labour was defeated in a general election after being in power for thirteen years. There were of course a multitude of factors that lead to their demise but Iraq was certainly one of them. Ed Miliband was elected leader of the Labour Party on September 25th and three days later at the party conference he recognised that the invasion had divided the country and said Tony Blair’s government was “wrong” to go to war. Of course that will be of little or no consolation to those most badly affected by the insane escapade (and will not harm those who profited most from it) but it does have a certain symbolic significance. Whenever I am given the opportunity to vote again I will most likely choose a Green Party candidate if one is standing, but I would no longer rule out supporting a Labour candidate with a tactical vote.

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