Blog Relaunch

I created this blog in July 2008 and this will be my thirty fourth entry, averaging almost exactly one entry per month. I also post a bit on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, and do some editing on Wikipedia etc but I have decided to prioritise this blog and would like to be posting at least once per week. I post partly for my own benefit but I would be much more motivated to do so regularly if I had a bigger audience, so I have decided to “relaunch” the blog.

I started by putting a prominent link on my website which may drive some traffic this way. When I have posted this entry I will link to it from Facebook etc and possibly send out a mass email to all my contacts. This is not a single-issue blog so there is no specific audience I am targeting, but I tend to write about the Internet, Mac OS X, politics, activism, hiking and cannabis (if I start posting more regularly I will extend the range of topics covered).

So what can you do to help? Well for a start if you have a account and you are logged in you could just click the “Subscribe” tab above – the more subscribers I get the more inclined I will be to spend time writing well researched entries. By the way, if you are thinking about starting your own blog I can recommend If you don’t have a account then do you use Google Reader? If so then you could subscribe to my blog feed. I subscribe to 55 feeds in Google Reader, including my own, which allows me to view various statistics. Failing that you could subscribe in any other feed reader.

Feel free to comment on my blog entries – I do get occasional comments but more feedback would be welcome. You could even contact me if you want me to write something on a particular topic and I may be able to oblige. Finally if you have an opportunity to link to this blog or to specific entries that would be a great help.


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