London Alignments


London Alignments

In 1925 Alfred Watkins published a seminal book called The Old Straight Track in which he documented his exploration of what he called “leys” – ancient alignments of mounds, stones, notches and other features. The book is out of print now but I picked up a copy of the fourth edition a couple of years ago at Barter Books. In chapter XVI (Churches on Mark-Points) he says “London church alignments are many, but should not be accepted as final until the structural history of each church is verified”. He then gives three examples of such alignments, the first of which includes St. Martins-in-the-Fields, St. Mary-le-Strand, St. Clement Dane and St. Dunstan’s. I refer to this as the Strand Ley.

In 1994, after reading an article titled “Nazi Occultists Seize Omphalos” printed in a magazine called Festival Eye, I started my own exploration of another London alignment, the obvious axis of symmetry of Greenwich Park which I refer to as the Prime Axis. This extends south to All Saints’ Church in Blackheath and north to St Anne’s Limehouse and the Octagon at Queen Mary. At Canary Wharf there is a concrete obelisk built on this alignment and in Mudchute Park a cobbled stone circle approached by a series of elaborate stone steps – the mysterious Omphalos.

Now there may be other interesting London alignments but I hope you will agree that these two seem fairly incontrovertible, and they also happen to be almost exactly perpendicular (none of my estimates of the angle between them have differed from a right angle by more than about half a degree). I am fascinated to know whether this is simply a coincidence or part of a grand design. I have created a KML file to illustrate these alignments which you can view on Google Maps, allowing you to zoom in and see how accurate they are (you will probably want to try satellite view). You can open the side panel to view the list of places marked. The image above is just a snapshot from Google Maps.


3 responses to “London Alignments

  1. There are other ley energies dowsable in Greenwich Park/ Museum site
    May I use the map image in a talk I am giving?

    • Hi Geri, thanks for commenting. Feel free to use the map image in your talk but if you give out any notes or write it up anywhere it would be nice if you could link to my blog entry. Also, if the talk is open to members of the public could you reply back with details – I might be interested in attending myself.

      • Hi ianji
        I wanted to try and show that the energy leys in Greenwich form part of a greater whole, so I wanted to show the plot I have done( from one Jack Gale did for me) in relation to your plot and (I hope) the the “Primary Alignment” and the “Primary Triangle” that appear on the following site – it looks different from yours

        The actual talk is part of the National Maritime Museum’s Access Programme (see )
        .”…a programme of British Sign Language tours, talks and subtitled film screenings at the National Maritime Museum
        Myths, Memories and Manifestations
        Sunday 30 October, 18.30–20.30, The Queen’s House (Greenwich)

        Come along to the Queen’s House to discover more about the traditions, myths and mysteries of Halloween. You will learn about the house’s own spooky history and have the chance to dowse for its energy leys ”

        You could contact Sophie Weaver to see if its open for non- BSL users


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