The Last Two Months

I was supposed to be blogging more often but it has been over two months since my last entry so I will attempt a brief summary of some of the stuff I have been up to. In May I got my Guzzi on the road, did quite a lot of gardening, visited some woods that were for sale, went to West Sussex for a weekend camping on an organic farm, attended a Bob Dylan birthday tribute at the Savoy Steps (where part of Dont Look Back was filmed) and replaced the washbasin taps in my bathroom after a joint on one of the pipes burst dramatically.

Busy in the Kitchen

In June I went to the London Green Fair, built a bigger bass bin for my new soundsystem and used it on a protest against a proposed incinerator in Hatfield (see Hatfield Against Incineration), did a fair bit of tree work, set up a field kitchen on a campsite in Cambridgeshire for a friend’s 40th Birthday party and cycled from Bristol to Pilton where I worked with Bicycology in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival (see my report on the Bicycology Blog).

This month I have already represented Bicycology again at an event in Letchworth and am hoping to have a quiet couple of weeks now before heading down to Devon for my uncle’s golden wedding anniversary. Of course I did lots of other stuff but I think that covers the main events.


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