Music and Motors

Last week my friend Dave told me about an event he was performing at in Ware called Music and Motors. I went last year on my trusty old Moto Guzzi 850 T3 and had a nice day out so I thought I might as well go again. When I took the Guzzi for a spin recently I noticed that it was a bit oilier than usual so I checked the level and it was almost down to the minimum. A knowledgeable friend suggested it may be coming from the crank case breather tube, which would indicate a crank case pressurisation issue. On Friday afternoon I topped up the oil and re-routed the breather tube slightly, inserting the end into a small plastic mineral water bottle and securing it with wire. On Saturday a friend came round on his Yamaha YBR 125 and we rode over to Ware together. On arriving in Tudor Square there was only one other bike present, an immaculately turned out Norton which emphasised the somewhat ratty condition of my Guzzi when I pulled up next to it. A few people asked why I had a bottle sticking out behind the left foot peg and I explained that it was to monitor oil loss from the breather tube. When I took a close look I couldn’t see anything in the bottle so it must be coming from somewhere else but finding the source may prove tricky due to general oiliness – I might have to steam clean it first.

Camero with owner in ponytail and event organiser in sunglasses.

Not long after I arrived a bloke wearing goggles and what appeared to be a leather cap showed up on a 1930s Levis, bringing the number of bikes up to four – twice as many as last year. Other vehicles included a Frogeye Sprite, a big Cadillac (possibly a Coup de Ville), a full size electric car (a Nissan Leaf I think) and a rather nice looking Camaro. Unfortunately it started to rain and since my electrics are marginal at the best of times I decided to leave while I still could. It was a shame I didn’t get to see Dave play and I got a bit damp on the way home but it was worth going and hopefully the weather will be better next year, by which time I may have found the oil leak.

They say owners tend to look like their pets.


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