Minster Pond Litter Pick

On Sunday morning I got up reasonably early to join volunteers clearing litter at a local pond. The area around Minster Pond is wooded and bounded on one side by a fairly busy road called Bishops Rise which leads to the garage where students go to buy snacks and drinks. Walking back along the pavement many of them obviously toss their empties over the low wooden fence so there was plenty of stuff to pick up. I think I remember Minster Pond as being a proper pond a long time ago but it is now more of a marsh and could do with being dredged, although that may not be possible because it is apparently home to crested newts which are a protected species. Apart from the usual bottles, cans, crisp packets etc we found hypodermic syringes, pint glasses, traffic cones, a rusty bike and assorted oddments – I took home a length of heavy duty cable with a scrap value of about a tenner and a sledgehammer that could do with a new handle. The event was organised by Cllr Dean Archer and was reported in the local paper (at least in the online version).


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