Steaming Cyclists

On Sunday afternoon I set off to join a family oriented cycle ride organised by the Welwyn Hatfield Cycling Forum of which I am an active member. This particular ride started at the Wrestler’s Bridge and headed off along the Alban Way to end up at the North London Society of Model Engineers Colney Heath railway site. I arrived at the start point just before the planned departure time but there was a delay setting off due to a flat tyre which required somebody to pop over to Hatfield Cycles for a new inner tube. The weather was good and once we got going the ride was very pleasant. There were about a dozen of us including a few kids and we made good time – either we are getting better at shepherding groups across road junctions or the kids are getting more confident – probably both. When we arrived I immediately sat down at a picnic table to eat my thermos of left over vegetable curry while others went to get tea at the station cafe or queued for rides on the miniature trains which were enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Adam waves from a passing train.

We didn’t cycle back together but went our separate ways and I headed home to take my neighbour’s dogs for a walk. Another successful ride; we are getting good at this. You are welcome to join us for our next outing on 3rd September to the Earthworks Harvest Fair.


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