Extradition Fever

What the hell is William Hague playing at? Of course there is a desire for justice to be seen to be done in the case of the 1984 killing of PC Fletcher but to pressure the NTC in Libya to simply “hand over” a suspect at this time is madness. Surely security must be established over there first, a constitution, elections, stuff like that. An elected government in Libya with a mandate from the people could then negotiate an extradition treaty with Britain and if one were established a request could be made to extradite the suspect.

To call for extra-judicial action by the NTC at this point, when Libyans are still being gunned down by snipers and struggling to establish essential services is insensitive to say the least. In fact it is worse than that. Handing over any Libyan citizen to a foreign power could prove deeply divisive and may lead to a power struggle and factional fighting amongst the disparate rebel groups. Unity is what is needed right now and any attempt to force the NTC into taking such premature action would be highly irresponsible. How many more families must loose their loved ones in the name of justice?


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