The Black Rider

I went to the Barbican this evening for a concert performance of Der Freischütz by Carl Maria von Weber. It is not the sort of thing I would normally do but a friend of the family had two tickets and wanted someone to go with her. When her husband was alive they were both big fans of soprano Sally Matthews (who sang the role of Aennchen tonight) and she still tries to get to as many of her concerts as she can. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and was particularly impressed by Lars Woldt who had stepped in in to sing the role of the fiendish Kaspar when Falk Struckman had to withdraw due to illness. Lars was so convincing that he actually scared me a little!

As the performance was being introduced I experienced a sense of deja vu. Had I not seen another performance in London based on the same German Folk Legend involving seven magic bullets? It came back to me slowly and I got as far as remembering that it was a play called The Black Rider in which Marianne Faithful played the devil. I suspected it might even have been at the Barbican so when I got home I checked my notes and found that I had indeed been to see The Black Rider at the Barbican Theatre in June 2004. At the time I found a good review of the production by Dan Hill on the City of Sound blog and it was nice to to find that the URL still works eight years later.


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