Ads on my Blog?

I have my blog configured to publicise new posts on Facebook and when I posted my previous entry a friend commented over there that he was surprised to see ads on my site. I asked him about it and he sent me a screenshot which shows an ad for Sky TV after the post but before the “Share this” buttons. Apparently when he clicked on the “About these ads” text it said something to the effect that I had chosen to allow ads. I don’t remember doing that so I had a poke around in my account and found something under Settings > WordAds:

To keep your blog free, we sometimes run advertisements on your blog, and you can remove these with the purchase of a No Ads upgrade or a Bundle.

Ads are not shown to logged in users, which is why I have never seen any, so I tried logging out and viewing the entry but still no ad. I then remembered that I am running the excellent AdBlock Safari Extension so I paused that and bingo, the ad appeared (well sort of, Β for some reason there was just a plain yellow rectangle where Β it should have been). I was then able to click on the “About these ads” text and it took me to a page called About These Ads which gives two possible reasons for their presence. The first is that the site is part of the WordAds program and has elected to show ads to earn money. That must be what my friend had read but was not the reason for the ad in this case (I only get around 200 views per month so I am guessing that I could not earn any significant amount of ad revenue even if I was willing to go down that road). The second reason is that the site has not paid for the No Ads Upgrade.

The upgrade costs $30 and I am reluctant to spend that much on a low traffic blog, particularly if ads appear as infrequently as seem to suggest. Have you noticed ads on my blog and if so then what did you think? You can of course reply in the comments but I have created a simple poll and would appreciate your participation.


6 responses to “Ads on my Blog?

  1. Just came to your blog to wonder when you’re migrating to NoBlogs?

    This post seemed an apt place to comment πŸ™‚
    I don’t see ads on your blog but I use Adblock.

    I tried to read your whole blog but it seems to be one of these unspiderable nightmares where just as you think you’re approaching the end of the page, IT GETS LONGER! 😦

    • No plans to migrate my blog.

      Don’t worry about the spiders, automagically generates a standard xml sitemap file for every hosted blog in order that search engines can efficiently discover and index new entries. If you Google for some text that appears in one of my blog entries then you will get a URL for a page that contains just that entry (and individual entry pages have next and previous links to move through the blog one entry at a time). With the theme I chose (Coraline) the default home page is (as you observed) a page consisting of all entries (minus the comments etc) in reverse chronological order. I guess you are saying that it shouldn’t be, but given that it is then isn’t it a good thing that it only loads on demand? Very rarely is a visitor going to scroll right back to the dawn of time on the home page (most will probably not scroll at all) and spiders don’t need to read it because they will have indexed the individual entry pages as per the sitemap – so loading the whole page would just be a waste of bandwidth. Of course I am glad that you are an exception and found my ramblings interesting enough to keep going:-)

    • I just had a look under Settings -> Reading and found “To infinity and beyond” where I can control the “IT GETS LONGER” behaviour you objected to. By unchecking the box I have eliminated auto-loading so now the home page only shows my 10 most recent entries and if you want to see more you have to click on “Older posts” at the bottom.

  2. Yes, I am that rare human who will read back to the dawn of time πŸ™‚
    I like it better now with the Older Posts, but I expected that link to go to a separate Page 2 as is usual on the www. Instead it stretches the page as before and alters the URL in the location bar, which seems weird and not what you’d want. Does this work without Javascript or on olde browsers?

    Have it however you ilke, but this kind of funky “clever” stuff just seems wrong to me πŸ™‚

    • I have done some testing. Without JavaScript you don’t get the “Older posts” button so you see the ten most recent posts and that is it. You can still go back through all the posts one at a time though. Just click on the title of a post to go to the individual post page (yyyy/mm/dd/title/) and then use the previous post link.

      The home page shows the 10 most recent posts (minus comments etc) but it seems you can also look at earlier groups of 10 in the same format. By appending page/n/ to the base URL you get to see the nth group of 10. If JavaScript is enabled and you click the “Older posts” button it loads the next group of 10 and updates the URL bar. The clever bit is that it doesn’t replace the posts you were viewing but just appends to them. I know that is the sort of shenanigans that disturbs you but it is actually rather efficient because if you want to go back and look at a post in an earlier group of 10 you can just scroll up and nothing needs to be loaded or rendered again.

  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I dislike the shenanigans (“Just think of teh Lynx users!”), but bear in mind that I am pretty disturbed generally πŸ™‚

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