If Hillary can do it then why not Tony?

In October 2010 I published a blog entry called Labour Admits Iraq Folly in which I reported that Ed Miliband, after being elected leader of the Labour Party, made a speech in which he said that Tony Blair’s government was “wrong” to go to war. Tony of course disagreed.

About a week ago I was on a train with nothing to read and picked up a discarded copy of The Daily Telegraph. I don’t normally read the Torygraph but I was interested to see an article titled “Clinton admits she was wrong over Iraq war”. In 2003 Hillary Clinton voted to support the invasion of Iraq but now says “I thought I had acted in good faith and made the best decision I could with the information I had. And I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But still I got it wrong. Plain and simple.” Of course she may just be saying that because she wants to run for President in 2016, but even then it is significant because it means she realises that continued justification for the Iraq debacle would make her unelectable.

I haven’t really been following the news but as I understand it things are kicking off again in Iraq and yet somehow, almost unbelievably, Tony Blair is apparently sticking to his story and insisting that he was right to go to war.

The Chilcot Inquiry is expected to publish it’s report any day now and it will be interesting to see what it does and doesn’t say. In the meantime I will leave you with a few recent articles on the subject:


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