Scotland Will Soon Decide

Just three days until Scotland’s Referendum on Independence and the polling is close. I was going to give links to the main yes and no campaign websites but the server hosting the Yes Scotland site is not currently responding – a denial of service attack by anti-independence interests perhaps?

I am a UK citizen living in England and am not eligible to vote in the referrendum but will be sorely dissapointed if the people of Scotland fail to grasp the nettle and make history on Thursday by voting yes. I have little doubt that independence would prove positive for Scotland but a lot of people are worried that it could make things worse for those of us left behind under the thumb of a venal Westminster establishment. In the short term maybe, but my hope is that the rest of us might be inspired to follow the Scottish example. I am also staunchly opposed to weapons of mass destruction and my hope is that a Scottish government would make good on it’s promise to evict Trident, nixing plans for its phenomenally expensive and utterly pointless (according to Field Marshal Lord Bramall) upgrade.

I thought it might be interesting to survey the opinions of my readers so if you have time please consider answering these four short questions.

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