Orbiting the World with George Galloway

A friend posted something on Facebook today with a link to the latest episode of a weekly show on RT called Sputnik, hosted by the renowned George Galloway. The bit my friend was referring to was the interview with Mark Watts of Exaro News about the Westminster pedophile network so I watched that first but then went back and watched the rest of the episode which was mainly an interview with Annas Altikrit of the Cordoba Foundation about the Henry Jackson Society, referring to a recent spinwatch report examining the history, activities and politics of this influential clique.

I already knew a little bit about RT but had never seen this particular show and it seemed like it might be worth watching regularly so I subscribed to the video podcast in iTunes. The episode I watched was number 78 and the feed included episodes back to number 59. I have no intention of watching all of them but I did watch one previous episode (number 76) where George again interviewed two excellent guests. First there was Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade who talked about UK arms exports and then Samuel Lowe of Friends of the Earth who discussed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

George is a great host and based on the quality of these two episodes Sputnik could well become something I tune into every week.

Note – If you are watching the show and the audio cuts out don’t worry! There are a few audio dropouts but they only last about ten seconds so just keep watching.

2 responses to “Orbiting the World with George Galloway

  1. Enjoyed that too but some parts (in both sections) seem to have be censored.

  2. For example in episode 78 the sound cuts out for 10 seconds at 16:41 when George mentions Lord Janner. I don’t know whether it is censorship though because the video is not interrupted or obscured and a lip reader would know what he was saying. Maybe it was just a technical problem?

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