Footpath Maintenance

In August last year this article appeared in the Herts Advertiser. A concerned resident had criticised the county council for not maintaining a rundown path alongside a busy road. The path is on the north side of Hatfield Road, about 100m east of the junction with Lyon Way. Apparently the HCC contractor, Ringway, inspected the footway and found no defects requiring immediate attention. Although it is only a footpath the issue came up for discussion at a CycleHerts meeting where we decided to follow it up. I don’t have the details to hand but it seems that someone from HCC then claimed that they had no duty to maintain the path because it is not tarmacked. In fact it is tarmacked but the section in question was completely covered in mud so you wouldn’t know it (though you could make a pretty good guess based on the fact that the tarmac is visible along much of the rest of the path).

So yesterday I decided to go along with a shovel and loppers to clear a short section and take photos to prove that there is tarmac underneath. I got a bit carried away and cleared about ten metres. In the before and after photos below you can see a well worn trail between the kerb and the lamp post where people have been walking dangerously close to the traffic to avoid the mud and overhanging branches. Although this was probably the worst section, much of the path is in need of similar maintenance.


Badly maintained footpath alongside Hatfield Road near junction of Lyon Way


Result of a couple of hours work with shovel and loppers

UPDATE 2018-09-01

This footpath is finally getting some much needed attention. Unfortunately it is not being upgraded for duel use by bicycles but I guess there wasn’t the necessary width available. It is however being completely rebuilt with concrete curbs and a tarmac surface.


Photo of newly repaired footpath

Footpath finally gets fixed

2 responses to “Footpath Maintenance

  1. Suggest you now report it to HCC again with before and after photos. You’ll get the usual unless its a hazard we don’t do anything message, but at least they have to look at it.
    There ought to be a shared use pavement along here to enable Oaklands college to be accessed from Hatfield.

  2. It does seem that non-motorists are not considered important, especially given recent remarks by the transport secretary. There are some residential side roads in our village that don’t even have a pavement. We should be encouraging people to walk and cycle. I’m hoping to find a new job soon. If possible it should be within cycling range, but I’ll be wary on some of the local roads

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