STEM Channels on YouTube

I have my own channel on YouTube where I have uploaded a dozen videos (all taken by me). Over the years I have also subscribed to a lot of other channels so that as of today I have 86 subscriptions. Each day when I go online, as well as checking my email and Facebook feed, I go to YouTube and look at the list of new videos on my subscribed channels. There is some really excellent content out there.

I have a wide variety of interests but in this post I am not going to list all the channels I subscribe to, rather I will just look at some of my favourite educational channels that cover STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).





One response to “STEM Channels on YouTube

  1. Hey, it’s been a while. The only one of those I follow is Fully Charged. I would like my next car to be electric, but I’m not driving too much these days as I found a job nearer home. There’s so much cool stuff on Youtube and elsewhere these days that you don’t really need a TV for entertainment. My problem is finding time to watch and do all I want.

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