Online Petitions 2

A little over two years ago I posted something about Online Petitions. At the time I stated my intention to take a break and not sign any online petitions for at least a week. In fact I managed a four week hiatus before signing a SumOfUs petition asking PayPal to stop discriminating against Palestinians. One of the reasons I keep a record of signed petitions is so that when I am asked to sign one I can do a quick search to check whether I have already signed it. For this reason I also record surveys that I have taken part in but there are far fewer of those.

I have decided to take another break from signing petitions and summarise my signing activity since the previous one. In just over two years the number of petitions signed and surveys taken adds up to 382, or approximately one every two days on average. In my previous post I listed the top six petition sites based on the number of petitions I had signed and I will repeat that here for comparison:

And now the figures for the last two years of signing activity:

Not a lot of change really. I have been signing fewer petitions on the UK Government and Parliament petition site and Avaaz has dropped out of the top six to be replaced by Greenpeace (the only one in the top six to be run by a specific campaigning group).

As to the subject of the petitions I have signed that is harder to summarise. Searching for a few specific words I can see that I have signed 9 petitions against fracking, 8 against Brexit, 6 that mention Trump and 5 supporting the legalisation of cannabis.

Having completed this exercise I will now try to ignore online petitions for a bit while I focus on other stuff – maybe even until the New Year!


One response to “Online Petitions 2

  1. I managed to ignore requests to sign online petitions until 2 Jan 2019 but since then I have signed 145 (including some online surveys I completed). That works out at just over one every three days, compared to one every two days for the previous period, I am not going to bother breaking it down this time.

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